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Hot attire for outdoor dining at the Taste and beyond

1 Grace Lehto

8, student and birthday celebrator, Lansing, Mich.

Tell me about your outfit: “My grandma (Grandma Rose) got a dress for me for my birthday.”

Do you feel comfortable? (shyly) “Yeah.”

Pretty? “Yeah.”

How else do you feel? “Happy.”

And the pink backpack? “My grandma (Grandma Lehto) made it to hold my (American Girl) doll.”

The back story: It’s a family tradition. Ken and Kelly Lehto have taken each of their three daughters — Grace is the youngest — to Chicago for their 8th birthdays and a shopping trip to the American Girl store.

Why it works: A little girl in a sundress always rocks.

2 Joyce Tam

21, graduate student, Chicago

Opening statement: “I just prefer skirts in the summer. It’s a fun season for clothing. … When spring and summer roll around, my wardrobe gets a lot more comfortable.” (She sewed the skirt herself!)

Why it works: Cute flats are comfy. (Target,

Wow blouses four shirt styles to buy this spring

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Simple shirt? Forget it. This season’s button-ups are bold, blinging and bound to get you noticed.

Ruffle up

Let busy frills sit against a simple denim canvas. We love the contrast of boyfriend jeans with ladylike accessories, such as a top handle bag and low-block pumps.

Granny chic

For a maximalist SS16 look mix and match contrasting prints on blouses and pencil skirts. Choose one base note to co-ordinate accessories with.


Tuck a patterned pussy-bow blouse into high-waisted flared jeans for a classic retro vibe. Accompany with a suede shoulder bag and platforms.

Pop a collar

Embellished collars are an easy way to translate the trend into workwear. Wear with wide-legged trousers, and let the collars peep out over crew-neck knits in the cold.

Kirsten Dunst is the perfect poster girl for spring slip on loafers

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good news for loafer lovers, there’s a new relaxed style on the scene for spring. The backless model provides slip-on ease, avoids the issue of feet swelling in the heat and truly embodies the term ‘loafing around’. Kirsten Dunst has already got in on the action.

Stepping out for coffee in her native LA, the actress teamed a floral tea dress and cardigan with a pair of Gucci slip-ons. The Princetown slipper, which retails for £380, is an adaptation of the Jordaan loafer, brought in by Alessandro Michele as a modern update on Gucci’s classic Horsebit style.

For Gucci fans wavering between the Jordaan and Princetown, Michele is already one step ahead of you. Some of the coloured Jordaan’s feature a collapsible back so the loafer can moonlight as a slipper too.

Back to Kirsten. The 33-year-old might have been wearing her signature ditsy-dress-and-cardy uniform, but brought it bang up-to-date with those black slippers. The lesson? If you buy one pair of transitional shoes now, make it a pair of slip-ons.

See backless loafers, as worn by Dunst, as part of your off-duty

Fashion for the ages

Timeless tips for everyone from new grads to the newly pregnant to the newly retired

If your fashion curiosity runs deeper than a desire to revisit the skeletons in Carrie’s closet in the new “Sex and the City” movie, kick off your heels in a lawn chair and wrap your hands around three new fashion advice books. Packed with solutions for everyone from new graduates to the newly pregnant to the newly retired, these volumes just might put new polish on an entire population of women.

Back boobs, be gone

Back boobs, melon calves, kissing thighs, menopots and Buddha bellies — Charla Krupp’s new book, “How to Never Look Fat Again: Over 1,000 Ways to Dress Thinner — Without Dieting!” (Springboard Press, $26.99) trots out all the current disparaging terms for less-than-perfect bodies. But then she sets out to make sure those terms are never applied to you.

The “Summer” chapter recommends making a uniform of three looks: white or khaki pants with a crisp tunic; summer-weight cashmere V-necks or long cardigans in yummy colors over body-shaper camisoles, bare tops or dresses; and a fresh dress in a pretty pattern. One vow for summer,

Belgium ousts dramatic fashion

Seabiscuit pulled up lame on the backstretch. Kirk Gibson’s long drive died on the warning track.

After a remarkable underdog run through four games and one overtime period, the U.S. soccer team’s World Cup magic finally ran out in the round of 16 Tuesday with a 2-1 loss to Belgium.

The first goal came three minutes into extra time after Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku pushed past Matt Besler along the right touchline, raced into the penalty area alone and sent the ball forward for Kevin De Bruyne, who spun away from two defenders and rolled the ball into the far corner.

And with the U.S. pushing hard for the tying goal Lukaku, who didn’t come off the bench until the 91st minute, added what appeared to be an insurance goal on a counterattack near the end of the first 15-minute overtime.

That goal proved to be important, though, when U.S. teenager Julian Green beat Belgium’s all-world goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois on a right-footed volley just seconds after stepping on to a World Cup field for the first.

The only other goal Courtois has allowed in Brazil came on a penalty kick in Belgium’s first game.

How to get the sports luxe look without wearing actual gym gear

If, like us, the term ‘athleisure’ is causing you to look questioningly at the gym kit you haven’t used in months, fret not, your leggings can stay where they are. This trend is all about luxe sports wear that will never venture near a treadmill, but sit in harmony with the rest of your wardrobe. Here are five subtle and considered ways to show your active side…

Show your stripes

Look for narrow lines down the edge of trousers for that race-ready look normally associated with tracksuits. Not only do the vertical lines elongate the leg area, they don’t look out of place when paired with smarter accoutrements up top. Serious sports fans should look for bold, contrasting coloured stripes that can be matched to accessories.

Join the cult

Fashion insider brand Vetements has taken the AW16 fashion week circuit by storm with its sports basics.  Its hoodies riff on athletic brand Champion’s logo and have found themselves on editors who normally stick to sharp suiting. If you can’t quite picture yourself donning the teenage boy’s favourite, swap hoodies for a crew-neck sport tee with subtle branding.

Find your trainer tribe

Still wavering on the brink

Some Fashion Crimes In The Simpson Courtroom

Poor Marcia Clark.

It’s bad enough that she’s prosecuting the most mediagenic murder trial of the century.

As the chief woman on the O.J. Simpson murder case, she has faced relentless scrutiny, not for her prosecutorial prowess, but for her rather, shall we say, questionable taste in fashion.

They talked about her poodle ‘do. They talked about her mole. They talked about her legs. Mr. Blackwell of Worst Dressed List fame skewered her. Even Judge Lance Ito commented on her short skirts.

In frustration, Clark went out and got a makeover.

Still, while I applaud her right to look as bad as any male attorney, I must say this: Even with a makeover, Marcia Clark needs making over.

On Monday, Clark apparently decided to impersonate a waiter, donning a white Nehru jacket and black pleated skirt. On Tuesday, the day the trial really began, Clark did a turn as an ’80s Dress for Success career woman with a prim and lacy bow-tied blouse and navy power suit. And her hair is, well, now a shorter poodle ‘do.

But turnabout is fair play. The boys didn’t fare so well on the fashion

How to wear the challenging colour that is cream

Hard to believe I know, but there’s an omerta observed by fashion editors (well, the newspaper-we’re-too-busy-filing-copy-to-care ones at any rate) that you should never try too hard at the shows. Why? Because nothing looks more row 5, than rocking up, head to toe in the season’s latest trends. Architectural ruffles or this spring’s off the shoulder top? As if.  More like, which of my many, many navy sweaters will I be digging out today?

But change is afoot: cream, once associated with bad British teeth, bad Kim Kardashian or the sort of Russian limo dressing suggestive of a life of wall to wall gophers and a devil may care attitude to your dry-cleaning bill is out in force on the frow.

If I’m being truthful, it’s the decadence of wearing cream that makes it so very appealing: it’s a two finger salute to my three year old’s grubby hands.  I know that my Harris Wharf coat is constantly dicing with a chocolate smeared fate but it’s worth it for the ‘ta-dah’ factor that wearing cream – even on pale, pasty complexions bestows.

For yes, cream is a challenge:  when wearing the aforementioned coat, I do

Kinnevik heiress defies sceptics with tech savvy fashion sense

Cristina Stenbeck sounds more like a Silicon Valley entrepreneur than the head of one of Sweden’s most venerable family-controlled investment groups, Kinnevik.

She speaks of hunting for technological “disrupters” and is paranoid about missing out in the hunt for entrepreneurs who have the next big thing. “Often, if they find you it’s a bit late,” says the 36-year-old.

Stenbeck is one of the most powerful business names in Sweden, heard in the same breath as the Wallenberg family or the Perssons behind fashion giant Hennes & Mauritz.

Yet Cristina Stenbeck was born in New York and speaks Swedish with an American accent, having learned the language of her father Jan only as a teenager.

She inherited Kinnevik at the age of just 24, not long after she had finished her studies at Washington’s Georgetown University, on Jan’s sudden death from a heart attack in 2002.

In little more than a decade, she has transformed the group into one of Europe’s leading investors in e-commerce, including in the continent’s biggest online fashion retailer, Zalando.

No stranger to fashion, her first job out of university was in Ralph Lauren’s direct mail and marketing department.

Pint sized Kardashian fashion

It wouldn’t be Kardashian fashion without animal print, so a new collection for babies by the three sisters (Kim, Kourtney and Khloe in case you’ve been living under a rock) comes complete with leopard-spot onesies.

But the Kardashian Kids assortment of caps, blankets, two-piece sets, jackets and dresses also plays with more typical munchkin motifs such as butterflies, stars and pastels with layers of lace, pearl-embossed buttons and georgette appliques. Tulle ruffles adorn onesies, gold polka dots dance across leggings, and butterflies flit across bloomer shorts. Designed for girls up to 24 months and priced at an affordable $15–$30, the line hits on March 14 and Babies ‘R’ Us stores on March 15.

Kourtney Kardashian took a few minutes between tending to her own children, Mason and Penelope, to tell Just Kidding about the new line.

JK: What was the first motif you dreamed up?

KK: Animal print is just a no-brainer because we love it in our women’s collection (Kardashian Kollection, available at Sears). But especially for the baby line we wanted everything really soft and comfortable. Whenever I’m shopping for my kids, I touch everything. It’s the first thing I do.

Five fashion flops for summer interviews

My daughter is between her junior and senior years in college and has several office job interviews scheduled for summer employment. Ihave been working in offices for a number of years and hear criticism about how some of the young women dress when they come in looking for employment. Can you back me up? — T.A.L.

Best-selling career development author Vicky Oliver ( can help you out. Oliver says you’re spot on, Mom. The New York-based image consultant and career coach spotlights five forget-me-fast fashion goofs when dressing for summer job interviews:

— TONE DOWN NAILS. For a summer position, your nails don’t belong in the Museum of Modern Art. Four nails on one hand in turquoise and one nail in rose adorned with sparkles are too creative for most office environments. You don’t want your interviewer mesmerized more by your fingertips than by what comes out of your mouth.

— COVER UP. Women should avoid tiny tank tops, sheer blouses with lacy underwear and hemlines that show leg and more leg. For men, leave muscle tees, unbuttoned shirts and shorts at home. Cleavage, arm muscles, chest hair or midriffs work for a tiki bar, but not

Martin Kaymer handles his nerves to win Open in shot rout

Martin Kaymer arrived at Pinehurst No. 2 on Sunday afternoon and ducked into the clubhouse with everything he could have asked for. Three days of masterful golf had given Kaymer a five-shot cushion in the U.S. Open and the needed confidence to close out his second major.

But Kaymer also knew what came with that.

The spotlight. The nerves. The pressure.

So he forecast for caddie Craig Connolly what they were in for.

This round will be very, very difficult,” Kaymer warned. “Probably the toughest round we have ever played. It’s the expectations you have on yourself and those that other people have as well. It’s very difficult to go through that, playing on a different continent.”

Kaymer knew he would face an early stretch of holes that would quickly shape his round. He knew his brain would be more active than usual.

“The challenge today was not to think too much about the trophy,” he said, “not to think too much about sitting (after the round) and what you’re going to say, not to think too much about how you’re going to celebrate on 18. It goes through your head.”

Decoding Claire Underwood power wardrobe in House Of Cards

House of Cards is back. We repeat back! The fourth season of the sitcom, celebrated for its dirty politics and loaded dialogue, is about to hit Netflix. Fans are expecting answers to the big question: will Claire really walk away from President Francis Underwood? And, if so, what (immaculate and stylish) shoes will the First Lady be wearing as she does so?

Stylist Kemal Harris, who took over styling Claire Underwood last season, has posted a picture of the moodboard that has inspired her new season costumes. Featuring photographer Lee Miller’s portraits and the Dior archive shots, we can surmise that Claire’s wardrobe will follow the same ‘timeless, decisive and feminine’ mantra her stylists have carefully created across three season.

Tom Broecker was Underwood’s first costume designer – winning two nominations at the 2013 Costume Designers Guild Awards for his work creating the ultimate on-screen power wardrobe.  “With her character we really wanted to have this armoured, tailored, right, nothing out of place feel,” he’s previously told Elle of working on House of Cards set.

The result was a host of outfits from Prada, L’Wren Scott, Armani and Theory that looked polished and barely veered from a simple palette of black, grey

Fall for fashion

You don’t want to think about it and neither do I: the end of summer. Bummer.

However, there are some people — fashion experts, for instance — who actually enjoy thinking about fall and the things they (or we) can buy to stay in style for the new season.

I know it won’t ease the pain of the end of vacation, packing up the flip-flops or going back to school or the office, but at least distract yourself by fantasizing over additions to your closet.

To get you started, I asked five trend watchers to tell me their three top wardrobe musts for fall.

Gregg Andrews
Nordstrom fashion creative director

  • Something in a luxe fabric like lace or a brocade (Ellen says: If a lace dress, top or skirt isn’t your style, consider a scarf, a clutch or even a lace-look cellphone cover — Marc Jacobs for iPhone 5, $38,
  • Knee-high boots: “With a mid to high heel. She’s going to be able to do so much with that. In black. Or a flat equestrian boot, like a riding boot.”
  • Colorful coat: “They’re so beautiful. Swing coats. Lots of color in coats! They’re great

hourglass chic feted at Paris fashion museum

When Christian Dior introduced his debut haute couture collection in February 1947, the meters of fabric spilling over the models’ hips in swirls of fine wool, silk and tulle were nothing short of a fashion revolution.

His emblematic creations ushered in “the most luxurious and radiant” decade in women’s fashion, according to Olivier Saillard, director of the Palais Galliera fashion museum, which presents “The 50s – Fashion in France, 1947-1957” beginning on Saturday in Paris.

Drawing on the museum’s extensive archive of garments and accessories, the exposition stars not only Dior but also such greats as Balenciaga, Pierre Balmain and Hubert de Givenchy. Along with them are less familiar though no less important names like Jacques Fath and Jacques Heim.

“This was haute couture’s golden age, when Paris regained its title of world fashion capital,” said Saillard, who on Wednesday night – during haute couture fashion week in Paris – gathered the couturiers of today for a gala dinner and advance peek at the show.

Dresses for cocktail hours, balls, lazy summer afternoons – even gloves, hats, brassieres and swimsuits – all make an elegant appearance under the ornate ceiling of the Palais Galliera,

Detail of the day the preppy jumper trick

Natasha Goldenberg has been adding a somewhat humble flourish to her Milan Fashion Week outfits: a jumper slung across her shoulders.

Radical, we know. The preppy twist, commonly associated with Sloane Rangers and the school uniform of old Etonians, has found itself carefully positioned on head-to-toe Prada.

When the look already comprises a matching checked skirt and jacket there really was no need for the added knitted layer. But look at the prim, school-girlish flourish the tomato red layer gives!

Fast forward to the final day of Milan Fashion Week, and a grey cable knit crew-neck sat neatly next to her moss green coat. A quick glance and this look might seem to give off an ‘off-duty weekend’ air, but, in fact, the jumper played the perfect preppy foil to a pair of £800 Vetements jeans. The jeans that the editors self-prescribed as their AW16 show uniform.

While fellow editors Miroslava Duma and Veronika Heilbrunner have been wearing their denim with simple t-shirts, the Russian editor set herself apart from the pack, by riffing off the wardrobe of a Hampshire Mum.We’re not dictating that you invest in extra woollen sweaters. But, should you need a

Fashion Art and Gloria Vanderbilt

Well, fashion happens to be the biggest item in what we laughingly call “the civilized world” right now and it is the second-biggest business in New York City — bigger than philanthropy, theater, culture, skyscrapers — everything.

Fashion was happening last week at the New York Design Center where everybody went to see Gloria Vanderbilt’s beautiful art works. (I did love this show and it runs until Oct. 24 at 200 Lexington Avenue.) One of the works of art at this happening was Gloria herself, looking in her 80s better even than she looked in her 50s, 60s and 70s.

She was fabulous, kissing Diane von Furstenberg, who was murmuring of the beautiful collages: “I must have one of these.”

I won’t bother to list the many “somebodies” who attended, but my favorite of all was the designer Adolfo who used to make clothes for the likes of Nancy Reagan. He and I like to trade interesting, offbeat books usually seen only in the U.K.

I also enjoyed seeing Sam Peabody of the famous Massachusetts/N.Y. families, who put on a brown fedora when he left. He is the rare man who still wears a

Diamonds Are A Gift For Any Occasion

Glamira is an international jewelry leader that strives for perfection in the art of gift-giving. This isn’t your typical jewelry store selection – Glamira offers you the opportunity to custom design pieces so that you can give a truly one-of-a-kind gift for that one exceptional person in your life.

With Glamira, you have the ability to create custom pieces that allow you to tell your own story. From rings to necklaces to earrings, Glamira allows you to design pieces that will be worn and enjoyed for years to come.

The Beauty of Diamonds

Diamonds are valued high above other gemstones for their beauty and brilliance. White diamonds, with their shine and sparkle, are the most common choice, although there are other fancy diamonds that are being chosen as well these days. Glamira offers a variety of diamond choices, as well as other gemstones that you can put with the diamonds to design a piece that fits the personal style of the wearer, no matter what metal or design they like.

When choosing diamonds, you depend upon the 4 Cs – cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

  • Cut – The cut of the

Leave shoulder pads to football field

Dear Mary Anne E.: Shoulder pads are out of fashion right now. They’ll be back. Everything comes back. (Platform shoes, maxi dresses, demure lady purses to name but three.) However, at this fashion moment, you’ll want to lose the pads. “Yank those bad boys out. Then insert them into your bra for a little boost,” advised fashion expert Susan Swimmer, who was only half kidding. “Reuse, recycle.” Swimmer, contributing fashion features editor for More magazine and my go-to resource when it comes to practical advice on what to wear, said you occasionally still find garments with shoulder pads in stores (mostly in structured jackets). But she says to remove the pads when you get your jacket home. As for the shirttail issue, both curved and straight are fine. But, either way, you do not want it to hit mid-butt since that’s the widest part of most women and an area that most of us would prefer not to call to anybody’s attention. A great alternative and more forgiving over pants is a tunic (curved or straight hem) that’s fingertip length.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I understand that the new iPhone is going to be larger than the

List of Indian designers for design bridal Lehengas in Delhi

Your wedding ceremony is a lifetime memory, so obviously you want to make it special in every way. While making every moment a special moment, wearing a designer lehenga can be the cherry on the top.

Famous and Lesser Known Designers:

There are many famous Indian fashion designers who design lehengas exclusively for wedding ceremonies. Most of the top designer’s boutiques placed in Delhi, from where you can have lehengas with the newest and latest trends. Only if your budget is over a couple of lacs or more, you can jolly well opt for top designer bridal lehenga. Mostly the price ranges of these designer lehengas start from four to five lacs. There are some designer boutiques where the range starts from two lacs. Apart from leading Indian designer stores in Delhi, there are other designers as well whose designs are nothing less than awesome. There are many lesser known designers who have a single boutique or a small shop in certain market areas, though they don’t have the top designer price tag, but they produce fabulous designs. The budget is also little moderate here. Sometimes you can have the exact replica of its